Over the years, the company has built up one of the largest private coach fleet in Greece. Today we dispose 80 luxury buses, 12-75 seats, of the latest technology.
Mercedes Sprinter 516 Wheelchair MiniBus
Mercedes Sprinter 416 16 seats
Mercedes sprinter 311 12 seats
Mercedes sprinter 315 12 seats
Mercedes sprinter 518 19 seats
Mercedes 818 22 seats
Setra 415 HD 51 seats
Neoplan cityliner 51 seats
Bova futura 55 seats
Bova futura 51 seats
Setra 415 gt-hd 51 seats
Neoplan tourliner 53 seats
Neoplan skyliner 75 seats
Modern and luxurious fleet
Our buses are constantly renewed, and as a result their average age is kept low. At this point UNION owns 80 buses of 12-83 seats, all modern.
UNION always ensures the perfect condition of its buses. At the station of the company there are specialized engineers for the necessary maintenance and repairs for the buses. The station also has a car wash and a fuel pump.
GPS Program
A GPS Program was implemented this year on our buses with the ultimate purpose the thorough control of the buses and the most efficient organization of the itineraries.
- All the drivers of UNION have years of experience on Crete routes. They have a steady collaboration with the company and they are always helpful to clients. Each driver has a cell phone and radio of our company so he is in constant communication with the headquarters.

- They all speak English and they are constantly training with seminars for the language and new technologies. Finally, the drivers always have a proper appearance since they wear the company’s uniform with its distinctive colors and logo.
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